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June 11 2012


Factors to take into consideration when you are going to Phuket in Thailand on a break

Phuket and Thailand has become most liked location of mine for quite some time now and I have realized that resorts in various areas of the region are really very different when it comes to quality. My own favourite spot to remain on the island must be Kamala Beach which is approximately a forty-five minute drive from the airport and is a small coastal town.

I find that Kamala is very pricey in terms of accommodation in Phuket and is the place to find the opulent "Millionaires Mile", in which there are some expensive condo rentals and private villas. Patong Beach is positioned just a short drive from here by car and motor bike, so if you are looking for a really energetic night life then this will be a great option.

Having said that there are lots of other activities to do within the island for families including tours and adventures and an abundance of activities. A place like Kamala Beach may perhaps suit a family group because it is significantly less busy than Patong, which can be more a place for a single guy as it's packed with night clubs and crazy nightlife. All the resorts and guesthouses are very well furnished with all the latest technology and 90% offer a high speed Wi-Fi connection to all suites.

You will usually find that the larger hotels can have private pools and sometimes other services like a therapeutic massage service in the resort as an example, which is also priced reasonably, allowing for a very cozy holiday. It has to be mentioned that the hotels and guest houses in Phuket are only a fraction of the price of a similar motel in the UK as an example, and also is an effective location to trip if you're on a financial budget since you can really exist extremely low-budget in Thailand. An associate of mine recently returned to the UK and he got himself his very own private swimming pool area for about £100 every night, which you may already know in the UK to have this degree of comfort you would probably shell out about ten times this amount, and also you would still wake to rain and cold temperatures!

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